I help creative entrepreneurs grow their business and build their personal brand, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of my most recent testimonials.

Deepshikha has a unique ability to create an authentic message that reflects the true values of a business, and she is exceptional in her ability to attract people.

Deepshikha instilled trust and offered expert insight into my program Facebook group, driving high levels of engagement and program results. She tripled my Instagram following and created a beautiful, engaging platform for current and new followers. Deepshikha works independently and discovers the key elements of a business that followers are interested in, and then helps them to shine through engaging messaging and social sharing expertise.

Happy client of Socialique Groupe'sNagina Abdullah, Health Coach & Founder, MasalaBody.com

I feel very lucky to have met Deepshikha Sairam of Socialique Groupe. Not only is she a wonderful and caring person but also she is passionate about how Instagram can help an entrepreneur reach a wider audience for his or her business. Deepshikha took time to understand my real estate business, my target audience, and my goals in how I want my business to grow. She was genuinely excited in how Instagram can help me reach those goals, and I have no doubt that she knows the Instagram platform forwards, backwards and inside out. For our meetings, Deepshikha came with an agenda and was respectful of my time – she provided many tips and top hashtags to help me in my Instagram endeavors and was open to emails and questions between meetings. We spent time on Instagram so that I could ask questions as they arose. Since I am a person that learns best by doing something, that was very helpful. I am thrilled to recommend Deepshikha to any entrepreneur or small business that is looking to create and improve an Instagram presence!

Happy client of Socialique Groupe'sAlexis Seubert, Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker

I was very happy to have worked with Deepshikha. Her deep knowledge on Instagram and her dedication towards her clients is what made me sign up for her One-on-One Instagram Coaching. I knew the value her Coaching could bring to me and was very happy with my decision. She coached me on the nuances of Instagram which was a pretty new territory for me. Things like how to use strategic hashtags and what kind of content to create to attract the right audience was super helpful. I love her client focused approach and would highly recommend her to everyone!

Happy client of Socialique Groupe'sRicha Garg, Real Estate Agent, Weichert Realtors

Deepshikha’s positive energy and enthusiasm stood out during our first meeting and I instantly felt comfortable working with her. She spent focused time and energy to understand my unique value proposition and built a clear, effective launch plan for my fledgling business. She created and managed content for both Facebook and Instagram pages for my business and her clever and creative posts helped me get a good following. She understood me and my business so well that people who knew me had a hard time believing that the posts were actually written by someone other than me. Once, my business was launched, she helped me market each and every class by writing creative descriptions that made people want to try my classes. She took the time to attend my classes and observe how I run the class and then offer valuable feedback about what I can do to have a clearer message and brand image. She took ownership and I never felt that I was running the business alone and that was truly valuable to me. Overall I found her to be very professional, hardworking and insightful and would highly recommend her.

Happy client of Socialique Groupe'sVaishali Chandrashekar, Integrative Health Coach & Founder, Cook Consciously with Vaishali

I was very impressed with Deepshikha’s knowledge of Instagram and social media. I wanted to work together so that she helps me improve my business through those avenues. I am very happy with my decision! We have been seeing an increase in views and engagement on the IG page, and more engaging content on both IG and FB. Our following has increased too and we are getting more orders from customers who found us on Instagram. Deepshikha is very responsible, reliable, and clearly understands my goals. I highly recommend her!

I hired Deepshikha to help promote my business, FlipBox, by bringing organic followers to my page that would buy the product. I wanted someone knowledgeable, experienced and someone that understood the concept and I found just that with her Instagram Marketing Strategy Program.

My following grew by over 200+ followers and my sales have increased by 50%. Deepshikha’s approach works. She understands Instagram and is able to formulate a plan that is geared to your specific needs and grows as you grow. I highly recommend Deepshikha to anyone looking to grow their business on social media.

Karla Salinari, OurFlipSideLife