Increase Your Visibility With Video

The first time I went LIVE on Facebook was a carefully planned event, one I had been planning for weeks!

Everything was planned to the T!

I had posted about it in advance.

I carefully chose the time when my 1.5 yr old was gonna nap.

Had informed all friends to show up LIVE and show solidarity and support (threatened them actually!)

And, I had all my notes in front of me, memorized!

I was terrified but somehow I gathered the courage to press the GO LIVE button. It began and people started showing up. I even got a few hearts and comments.

I thought I was nailing it but then I heard footsteps!

My son woke up from his nap (10 mins after I had put him down) and was barrelling towards me with his outstretched arms. I picked him up and carried on (desperately hoping for the earth to open up and swallow me!).

It didn’t.

But I did forget all my lines!


Fast forward to 2019, I can say I am pretty good with Video now. In fact, I freakin’ LOVE IT!


Well, I didn’t take any magic pills but I did a few things again and again.


Coz Video is important, you guys! In 5 years, 80% of all Content will be Video, and I am not the one to be LEFT BEHIND!

What about you?

Have you ever had these thoughts? 👇

“I am scared to GO LIVE and show my face on Camera”

“I know I should be more visible but I really don’t know what to talk about on Camera”

“What’s the point? Everyone is waaay better than me”

If you Have ever stopped yourself from showing up on Instagram or Facebook, whether it is a Facebook Live or an Instagram Story coz of…….(insert anything here – my hair is too short, my skin is too pale, I need to lose 20 lbs , I don’t feel confident or the ultimate “what will people say about me?”)

….Then these 3 tips will totally bust those fears

#1 Ease Into It!

I know, I know….LIVES are scary as F***K! There is something about talking to yourself on a camera that totally freaks people out. But who says you have to run a marathon on the first day? Start small….Maybe do an Instagram Story, or a short video of you to share on Facebook! First, get comfortable with the idea of recording yourself and seeing yourself on camera. A 15 second IG Story or a 30 second pre-recorded Facebook Video isn’t as scary as a 30 min FB Live….am I right?

And, if you manipulate the camera you can even hide your chin hair in plain sight …ha ha ha!

#2 Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice maketh a woman perfect-o! We all know it. First time it’s scary….100th time, you are a PRO. Unfortunately, there is no way around it but go from 1 to 100 in ….errrr….100 Facebook Lives….

But, there are a few simple tricks you do to hack this and become a pro by the time you hit LIVE the 10th time!

First, my old is gold trick – Practice in front of a mirror. Works for debates, I am pretty sure it works for Ted talks….also works for Facebook Lives.

Second, Make notes duh! No one has ever accused me of looking at my notes while doing a Facebook LIVE. There is no punishment for it and it’s totally legal (I have checked!). Our nerves reach peak level anxiety and we get amnesia when we are LIVE. Don’t put yourself through it! Even the President reads from a teleprompter…you don’t have to make up stuff on the go! Make notes, practice them and GO LIVE!

Third ( and this one is my fav!) – open a Facebook Group and keep it empty. Meaning do not add anyone in it. Not even your mom, especially your mom!

Practice your LIVES there. I guarantee this will be a game changer!

#3 The ‘Feel Good’ Factor

This one is like a magic trick! Here’s the thing, when you feel good about yourself, you are much more confident in showing up as the badass you already are! This simple trick can literally change the way you show up for your business on Lives, Clients Interactions and even Sales Calls.

So let me ask you? What makes you feel good? Is it doing your make up or wearing a bright colored lipstick. How about wearing your favorite blouse or a bra? What about dancing for a few minutes before going LIVE or a morning workout/meditation?

Whatever it is! DO IT!!

Wanna know what I do before every Facebook Live? I wear a piece of clothing that makes me feel amazing, then I put on my make up and then I spray my perfume! Yes! You read that right. I know that no one can smell me from a Facebook Live, of course I know that! But I can! And when I LOOK and SMELL good, I FEEL good!

It really is that simple!

Try any of these tips and I guarantee you will come to LOVE doing Videos as much as I do!


“Okay, I made a video! Now what? How do I leverage that to get leads for my business”

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Want in?


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And tell me, do you remember the first time you created a Video or went LIVE on Facebook or Instagram? How did that go? I’d love to know!