What’s The Difference Between My 3 Yr Old’s Underwear And Instagram?

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They are both quite the same.

They both have holes! 😱

I spent 25 mins this morning arguing with my 3 yr old on why his Superman underwear needs to go bye-bye in the garbage bin. When you are 3, you basically own the winning rights to any argument in the world In his precious mind, Statue of Liberty is a man y’all! (I am letting that one go for now coz #sanity)

But, when it comes to keeping shit together (pun intended), I am saying a hard NO to the underwear with holes!

I have two choices, either I fix it by stitching the damn thing up (I didn’t inherit the sewing gene from my mom) or I throw it away. Thanks to #target, he probably wouldn’t even miss the old one! **Wishful thinking**

“What about my Instagram though? How does that have holes???”

I am glad you asked!

See while you were:

>>>scrolling and swooning over Reese Witherspoon’s latest post in a Draper James dress.

>>>Re-posting a quote you read this morning that motivated you for 60 minutes.

>>>Or, hashtagging #morningroutine or #hyggelife to a cozy picture of you with a business book

🚫A ton of JUICY, HOT Leads just slipped through the holes on your Instagram, right from your fingers!

Want to know how to get them back?

Let’s start with these;

✅Make Your Profile Name Searchable (this is the name that appears right under your pic)

Unless you are Reese Witherspoon or Kim K, chances are your audience isn’t searching for you.

Neither are they looking for a “word magician” or a “closet queen”


What they might be looking for is a copywriter or a personal stylist.

LESSON – KEEP IT SIMPLE! If I were to look at your profile for 5 seconds, would I know what you do?

✅Have A Tasty, Crunchy Call To Action

We all know the importance of CTA’s, don’t we? On Instagram, they are the yummiest food you can use to feed the “Algorithm demon”.

On your Instagram Bio, on your Instagram Captions, on your IG Stories — have an irresistible CTA that makes people drool and salivate for more of your stuff aka your Opt-In, Sales Call etc!

✅Check Yo’ DM’s Yo!

Aaah the DM’s! That’s the big, gaping hole where your leads are just falling down in a deep dark crevice!

DM’s is where the magic happens!

Check them, reply to them, nurture the people who send them, then take your peeps off the app in your zoom room or your mailing list and then take their Credit Cards already!!

I can really go on and on about making your Instagram air-tight and turn it into a lead-gen machine, your very own ATM!

But, let’s start here!!⚠️

In the meantime, I am gonna make a dash to target for undies!

Tell me in the comments below which hole are you going to seal first or tell me some fun stories of your #threenager!

P.S. Did you know that Reese Witherspoon owns Draper James? So when she posts a picture wearing their dress (like the one in the pic below), she is actually zapping her Instagram holes and sending people off to their online store. Who fell prey to that one?