Wanna Do Instagram Bigly This Year?

I know what you are thinking. You’re prolly like “Of course, I Wanna do Instagram Bigly This Year. I wanted to do Instagram Bigly last year too! What kind of a stupid Orange Head kinda question is that?”

I get it! I get it!

I mean why else would you be here if you didn’t want to do Instagram Bigly?

But are you really ready? Like 100% committed? Coz lemme say this, if you aren’t, YOU ARE leaving money on the table! Lots and lots of dollar bills.

How, you ask?

Well, for starters consider these statistics from this Hootsuite Article –  where they talk about 24 Instagram Statistics that matter to Marketers in 2019:

đŸ’„ Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

đŸ’„ 72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram

I mean WOW! Right?

Now lemme ask you again “Are you ready to step up your Instagram game?” And, if your answer was a resounding yes, then let me share with you 3 ways you can start doing that right away.

One word. Instagram Stories.

Well, technically it’s two words but you get the point. If you are still posting 2-3 times a day, everyday, then you are so 2015 baby! Things have changed and the world has moved on to consuming small bite content aka IG Stories.

I give you permission to post less on your feed (3-4 times a week) and more on IG Stories, starting RIGHT NOW!


  • Use Hashtags and Location Stickers to increase views on your IG Stories .
  • Add Instagram Stickers like Question, Polls, Emoji Slider to make them more fun and engaging.
  • Add specific Call-to-Action to get people to send you DM’s.

Create Content that people want to pay you for.

Listen boo! You can’t expect people to book you or buy from you, if you don’t show your best stuff. Imagine walking into a supermarket with the rotten veggies, front and center! Would you buy?


Your Instagram is your business’s window shop. Put your best content there. Don’t be shy or stingy in sharing your expertise with people. Remember, people can find out literally any information on google. Your clients don’t pay you for the information, they pay you for the value and experience you bring to the table.

I could google how to automate my calendar (thank you google and b-bye 3 hrs!), or I could hire an Assistant and pay her to do it (and save 3 hrs!). So please oh please my dear dear friend! DO NOT be afraid to show off your amazing talents and expertise! Pinky Promise?


Creating Content is not fun! No-one, trust me no-one likes doing it. So this year I am doing this differently. I am Repurposing a lot of my content and I absolutely recommend you do too!

Facebook Live becomes an Instagram post.

Facebook Q&A becomes IG Stories.

Last year’s blog becomes this year’s newsletter and vice versa.

And this blog, will definitely one day become something else. 😆

Save your time, energy and patience levels for your kids, repurpose your content!

Final tip for Doing Instagram Bigly This Year…Show up Sista!

I help female business leaders get consistent leads from Instagram.

Leads = Sales = $$$$

But what generates leads?

Visibility = Leads

No Visibility = No Leads = No sales = No $$$$

No Bueno!!

I can prolly write a thesis on 1000 different ways to get leads from Instagram but the most important thing is to show up! Consistently. Which means every day! Every. Single. Day!


  • Schedule time on your calendar to do Instagram Stories or IG Live.
  • If showing up scares you, start small. Do one story. Then next day do 2. Gradually increase.
  • Watch other people’s stories to see how they are doing it and get inspired.
  • Get creative! Do an IG Story challenge (hello, #celeryjuice!), do a collaboration with someone in your industry or something else. The only limit here is your imagination. Experiment different things and have fun with it!

I am confident that by doing these 3 things consistently, you will start seeing amazing results from your Instagram. But, if you are really serious about making Instagram a lead generating machine for your business, then consider working with me.

So, I am taking a handful of smart and passionate action takers under my wings and helping them take their business and brand to the next level!

If you need one-on-one support on Strategy, Marketing and Branding on Instagram then reply to me and let’s explore what having an Instagram Marketing expert might do for YOU.