How To Write a Killer Instagram Bio

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When it comes to Instagram, your bio is your foundation. It is the first thing that people see when they visit your Instagram so you want to make a great first impression to hook them on the spot.

Contrary to popular belief, your bio has got nothing to do with you. Instead it should be all about your audience, your customers and the people you are trying to attract. When I go to an Instagram bio and I read something like, “3 time award winner, loves to ski, has a cat…” or maybe I see a job title in the bio or “currently in Cambodia, next stop Bali” – It’s not good enough for me to be attracted to your account. Sure, it’s interesting, but it doesn’t give me a reason to follow you, let alone buy from you.

So, what should a good Instagram bio look like?? Let’s dissect what a bio should be that will give you a good, strong foundation on Instagram.

Profile Name

As you can see in the picture above, the first thing people see is the profile name. This is the first bold line that you see at the beginning of everybody’s bio. So right now, mine says “Instagram Marketing Expert”. So when some is looking for an Instagram Marketing Expert and types ‘Instagram Marketing’ in the search field, my username may come up along with my profile name. It is so important to take advantage of this profile name, because if you don’t, people won’t know at first glance what your account is about, therefore they will be less likely to visit it and it or you will not show up in the search. So think of key words that you can use that clearly explain what you do. I have seen some names like ‘Word Magician’ or ‘Closest Queen.’ I’m all for being creative, but your Instagram name is not the place to do it.

Why? People aren’t typing ‘Word Magician’ or ‘Closet Queen’ in the search bar, they are  searching words like ‘Copywriter’ or ‘Stylist”. Keep it very simple, and very specific. You get 30 characters here, so you will have to limit you profile name to that, but think about what you can add there that explain clearly what you can do.

The Middle

Next up, the ‘meat’ of your bio. Now, this is your opportunity to grab their eyeballs and make them follow you. Here you will tell them about your Unique Selling Point (USP)? and answer their questions ‘what’s in it for me to follow you?’, ‘how would following you help me, or change my life?’. A tip from me: do not add your job description here. Instead of writing ‘Photographer’, ‘Health Coach’, ‘Personal Stylist’ etc, them what you do and how you will benefit them. What’s the end result that people get after working with you, or buying your products and services? What do you help them do?

You only have 150 characters here, so in this part, you’ll have to be creative and you will have to be concise.  I give you permission to bring out your creativity here to make your bio unique. Just remember to keep it concise and include information to hook in your potential followers. If you have space, then add something personal, but if you don’t you can just leave it.

Call to Action

The next part is a Call to Action (CTA). This is extremely important. This is where I see a lot of Instagrammers not using a CTA to their own benefit. A call to action is basically a link that you can add on your Instagram. Now I’m sure you know that Instagram, unlike Facebook, doesn’t allow you to add a clickable link in your posts, so it only gives you one place to add a link and this is that place. I want you to use it to your advantage. A call to action will tell them where they should go now. Do you want to send them to your website? Or your blog? Or your podcast? A sale you are having or an opt-in form?

That is up to you to decide.

Want to learn how to use this CTA effectively? Check out this post.

Story Highlights

The last part of your bio is your Instagram stories highlights. You can use these to tell your audience more about you, your business and your brand. You can add tips, customer reviews, about you and your business or your best-selling products. Keep your customers in mind and think about what they might like to know more about and then create your Instagram story highlights. I like to think of story highlights like a window display. So, when you are out shopping and you pass a high-end brand like Dior or Prada, what do you see in their window display? Their displays are usually very pretty, there is décor, they are creative and that is what attracts people into the store. So think about how you can make your Instagram story highlights to attract people to your Instagram store.

I hope these tips will help you create your own Killer Bio. if you have questions, leave them below. Otherwise, get crackin’! Give your Instagram Bio a makeover and don’t forget to tell me when you do.