3 Instagram Marketing Lessons you can Learn from a Kids TV Show

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3 Instagram Marketing Lessons you can Learn from a Kids TV Show

If you are a Parent, then you must have heard about the popular kids’ TV show, Peppa Pig!

If you haven’t, then I recommend watching an episode or two (it’s highly addictive, I tell you!). What I am about to tell you will make much more sense when you’ve watched it!! So go on, binge watch Peppa Pig and then come back to this. 😉

I have two kids, and I must admit, we all watch Peppa Pig on repeat almost every single day. So much so, that many times during the day even our accents magically turn British.

As you can see Peppa Pig is a show about a Piggie family of 4. There’s Daddy Pig, Mommy Pig, Georgie Pig and there’s our gal Peppa Pig!

A few days ago, I was drinking my evening coffee and watching the show with my 3 yr old, and that’s when it struck me how freakin’ awesome are the Marketing lessons we can all take from the show!

Apply these 3 lessons to your Marketing Strategy on Instagram and reap the fruits yourself (or shall I say, Ham !)


1) Peppa Pig is Highly Relatable!

I honestly think one of the reasons why this show is so popular among kids and adults is because Peppa Pig’s family is so NORMAL and RELATABLE! Daddy Pig doesn’t quite have the David Beckham bod. He is silly (and naughty!). They live in a normal, small house, they drive an average car, and their kids have tantrums just like our kids do! Even Mommy Pig loses her shit sometimes like regular moms (unlike Caliou’s mommy who has the patience of a saint!)

When you see the show, you can see your family doing the same things too.

I can’t tell you how many times my kids turn to my husband and says “Daddy, you just did what Daddy Pig did the other day!”

The bottom line is THEY ARE NOT PERFECT! And thus, they are likable!

How are you showing up on your Instagram Stories? On your Facebook Lives? Through your content on Social Media and your copy on your website?

Are you relatable?

Can people see a version of themselves in you?

When they see you being YOU, do they say “Oh my god she is so me, I bet she gets me!” or are they thinking “Hot dang, her life is so perfect! What does she know about the everyday struggles I face !”

When you show the real, authentic YOU, you are more likable and trustworthy BUT, when you are seen as someone who is perfect and has her shit together all the freakin’ time, you are seen as somewhat of an outsider and frankly, phony! Coz there is no such thing as Perfection!


2) Peppa Pig and Her Muddy-Puddle!

If you watch the show, It won’t take you long to figure out that Peppa freakin’ loves jumping in Muddy Puddles! Loves it! I don’t remember seeing any episode where there wasn’t a mention of the Muddy-puddle! Either she was jumping in it or was talking about jumping in it. It was there y’all, and you know what it did? It embedded Peppa Pig and Muddy Puddle in our brains.

In fact, I cannot see a muddy puddle and not think about Peppa Pig and the show!

What is your Muddy-Puddle?

What is that one thing you love, talk about or use on Instagram consistently that people start associating that with you! When they see that, they think of you.

It can be a TV show you love (Game of Thrones is mine!)

It can be your fav Super Market (Target?)

It can be your brand color

Or, something else!

Think of something fun and relatable that people can get after.

Remember, all muddy puddles aren’t created equal, so be smart about it. You might love talking about rodents, but do you really want people to think of you every time they see a mouse scurrying away on the New York Subway Station? I hope not!

Tell me in the comments below what your Muddy Puddle is going to be. I’d love to see what you come up with.


3) Peppa Pig and her Family Know how to Have a Good Time

Daddy Pig and Mommy Pig do not care about what people think of them. When they want to jump in the muddy puddle with their kids, they hop right in!

Daddy Pig goes on the slide (and gets stuck!) on the playground, and Mommy Pig jumps in the freezing ocean just because she wanted to take a swim.

They do not care what people think of them!

When you see them, you can see that they are totally enjoying themselves and that makes the show even more FUN!

When you go on Instagram just because you have to, with zero enthusiasm, trust me your audience is gonna know, and your engagement and your following is going to tank!

But, when you really enjoy yourself connecting with your audience and show up with excitement, it is going to rub it on them, and they are going to LOVE you!

So next time you do an IG Story or a LIVE, get excited about it! Maybe do a little dance routine before you jump on video, that will surely pump up your adrenaline.

And, DO NOT forget to smile. That is a 100% proven way to find a place in people’s hearts and wallets (trust me, I know!) In fact; I am smiling right now as I write this Blog. Can you feel my warmth and my love for you? 😍

I bet you can! So remember to smile and enjoy yourself when you go on Instagram next. Actually, do that for everything you do in your business. It makes things so much better.

(Pssst…. I even dance and listen to music when I write emails or blogs. I highly recommend it!)

There you have it! 3 simple yet powerful lessons from a kiddie TV Show. Who knew?


And, if you know of a Peppa Pig fan then feel free to send this Blog to them, I bet they will enjoy it.


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