14 Instagram Resources that makes Content Creation Easier

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14 Instagram Resources that makes Content Creation Easier

Creating Good Content is your best Business Strategy. 

If I could, I would tattoo this on the arm of every online entrepreneur! Good Content, actually scratch that! Awesome, remarkable content is like life support for your business. If you are not putting some time and effort into creating valuable content on Instagram that makes some impact on your Ideal Customer’s life, you are losing out on daily leads! Yes, I said it! Daily!! 

Every minute of the day, there are millions of people scrolling on Instagram, bored out of their life, waiting to be wowed by someone, waiting for their questions to be answered by someone, waiting for their problems to be solved by someone. And, that someone can be you!

Good content is literally money in the bank, and that’s why it is so freakin’ important that you double down on making it a priority!

But you don’t have to do it all on your own. Nope!

There are plenty of really cool and fun tools at your disposal that you can use to create content that connects and convert!

Wanna know my favorite Instagram Resources?  These are my top 14 IG helpers:

1. VSCO (app):  This is my go-to app for editing my photos. I love all of the professional editing functions, and even though I am not a photographer it’s fairly simple to use!

2. SNAPSEED (app): “OMG!” is what my photographer friend said to me when I told her about this app! This is a great app for quickly editing photos and retouching them! The healing brush is bloody magic!

3. WORDSWAG (app) : I love me some quotes! This is my go-to app for creating graphics for Quotes!  It comes with tons of graphic text options and layout options. It has a ton of color, backdrop, + text variations. They have pre-loaded images to use as backdrops, or you can upload your own images and write over those.  It’s also super simple to use!

4. ADOBE SPARK (desktop+app) : Another awesome app for creating graphics! You can use the desktop version or the app itself. It gives you so many options with colors, fonts, and templates! You can get really creative with this app! It’s my go-to app especially when I am creating promotional posts.

5. CANVA (desktop + app) : Who doesn’t love Canva? Somewhat similar to Adobe Spark, this is another great app to create graphics! Lots of functionalities and easy to use. I use it to create my branded IG Stories Highlight Covers. I have a great tutorial for you HERE!

6. HYPE TYPE (app) – Just like its name, Hype Type can literally hype your stories. This cool app will surely make your stories stand out from the crowd. It lets you add animated captions to your photos or videos before you upload them to your story. The app is free, but you can buy in-app ($1.99 to $2.99) for a few upgrades, more fonts or to remove the watermark.

7. BITLY (desktop + app): bit.ly is a link shortener, you can make all of those long URLs short & customized. You can create easy to remember bit.ly links, then add them to your Link in Bio.

8. Planoly (desktop + app) : Planoly is a scheduling app that allows you not only to schedule posts in advance but also visually plan out your grid ahead of time. From both the app + the desktop, you can click on any image in your library + drag it to the place you want it to live within your feed, then schedule it in that order.

If you have a business Instagram Account, it will also auto-post for you! Batching IG Content has never been easier.

9. Inshot (App) : In the past, I legit only used InShot to resize my square pics/ videos to 9:16 ratio (to make perfect IG Stories without losing the quality of the pics), but recently I discovered it’s video editing features and I am in love!

There is a bit of a learning curve but there are some great tutorials available, and you can also become a PRO Video Marketer with this app!

10. Quick (App) : From the guys at GroPro, a video editing app that I love and recommend! It lets you add music, text to your photos or videos. You can also add beautiful transitions and effects and create some attractive video marketing material for your Instagram.

11. Over (App) : I recently started using Over and it is by far my favorite design app for Insta. It has some really creative and sophisticated templates. It’s super easy to use, and you can create templates for IG Stories, graphics for your posts and do a ton of great stuff with it! I am truly in love with it.

There is a 7-Day Free Trial if you want to unlock all the Pro features.

12. Unsplash (Desktop+App): Want beautiful stock images that you don’t have to pay a fortune for? Try Unsplash. You can download any photo and use it for any project. Photos on Unsplash are contributed from talented photographers from around the world and are totally royalty free. They have over 690,000 images in their library from literally every category.

So next time when you post on Instagram, but do not want to spend hours arranging a flatlay, get a drool-worthy pic from Unsplash instead and save yourself hours!

And finally, the two fav tools that I use not just for Instagram but for everything else in my business:

13. Google Doc or Notes app (Desktop+App) – I don’t know about you, but some of the most brilliant ideas hit me when Iam either in the shower or right before I drift off to sleep! I often joke if someone gets inside my notes app or my google doc, they will really get inside my brain!

It has everything from content/caption ideas to my business plans till 2020.  I whip either of these two out as soon as the idea hits me and I make a note there!

I love that both are synced to my phone and my laptop so that I can have access to it anytime I want.

14. Grammarly (Desktop)  – Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform. I use it for EVERYTHING!! Writing Blogs, Articles, Instagram/Facebook posts, Newsletters, even emails! It is like my writing assistant, and everything I write has to pass the “grammarly” test!

PHEW! There you have it. 14 awesome Instagram tools that are my favorite and I bet you will ’em love too!

I’m pretty certain that there’s something on this list that will help you make your content this week extra-awesome. So, go ahead and try a few of these out. Allow yourself to get creative.

Which ones would you be using for your next Instagram post or IG Stories? Let me know in comments!


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