6 Reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your Strategy

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6 Reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your Strategy

Its back to school here in the USA and we have spent half the weekend buying school snacks. We have already made 2.5 trips to the grocery store coz the snacks we bought on Friday were already gone by Saturday night.

Not by my kids though, but by my husband and me. We wiped the goldfish packet clean while binge-watching Jack Ryan this weekend. I have often wondered why our family loves goldfish crackers so much. I mean there are other tastier adult appropriate snacks in the market, aren’t there?

If you ask me it’s their bite-sized nature that makes them crazy addictive. They are so freakin’ small that you can’t just stop at one. Or 100.

Pretty much like Instagram Stories and while goldfish crackers wouldn’t give you anything other than possible heartburn and if eaten in quantities as we do, a muffin top, IG Stories can be very beneficial to your Instagram Marketing Strategy and your overall business health!

Here are 6 reasons why you should ditch the kid’s snack and adopt IG Stories as a marketing strategy for your business.

1) 400 Million Daily Users.

I mean I shouldn’t even elaborate here but maybe I will. Here it goes.

400. Million. Daily. Users!!

400 Million Daily Users are tapping away on those circles every day which means there are eyeballs on the app already. All you gotta do is turn their attention towards you.

2) You can post them anytime!

Unlike your feed, where your analytics play an important role on “best time to post’, you can post IG Stories anytime. They last for 24 hrs so need to post it when your followers are most active.

So go ahead! Create them anytime, anywhere!

3) You can be discovered via IG Stories by more accounts.

Your posts on IG Stories can be seen even by people who don’t follow you. Moreover, if you use relevant hashtags and geotags, you can also land up on stories related to those hashtags and geotags. Meaning, you can be found my more accounts.

4) The super cool highlight feature.

This feature lets you add your stories as highlights to your profile. Since Instagram introduced this feature, IG Stories went a notch above. You can create a highlight reel of your work, testimonials, BTS or just about anything to give new visitors or followers a taste of what your Instagram is all about!

5) 1 in every 5 Stories result in a Direct Message.

This is by far my favorite reason. Because of the informal nature of IG stories and cool features like Poll and Questions sticker, your followers are more inclined to send you a DM. This puts you in a one-on-one conversation with them. It also does not seem like push marketing but more like pull marketing since they have raised their hands themselves to say: “I want to interact with you.”

It gives you an opportunity to open the dialogue and delight your audience. If done correctly and with care, this can be very crucial in developing a relationship and converting them into fans.

6) They are a great way to build brand awareness and stay top of mind.

You have to admit that IG Stories are not only fun but they also give you a chance to show your fans and followers your brand personality. You can do a mix of video, graphics, text and with so many new features being added regularly, IG Stories is a great way to stay top of mind and attract your Ideal Customers.

So there you have it! Using IG Stories effectively can be very useful in attracting your Ideal Customers and keeping your current followers engaged.

Now, over to you! Do you use IG Stories? Can you add more reasons to this list above to make them a part of your marketing strategy? I’d love to hear them in the comments below

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