How to use Direct Messages to grow your Instagram?

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How to use Direct Messages to grow your Instagram?

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Direct Messages or DM’s is your secret weapon on Instagram! This feature is said to be so impactful that it is now being called the new “inbox.”

And why not? Most influencers or business gurus, artists, casting directors, musicians, authors, magazine editors live inside their DM’s and most of them are also very prompt in replying to their DM’s

So how is it your secret weapon?

DM’s are a great way to find collaborations or connect with influencers/brands

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can use DM’s in your favor.

  • DM an influencer in your niche to make a connection/get their advice on something.
  • DM a brand/influencer for a shout out.
  • DM an influencer for a collaboration, such as IG Stories take over or collaborative IG LIVE.
  • DM a brand/influencer to host a giveaway with you.

Those sound like some great ideas right? But wait, before you go and start sending DM’s to everyone you love on Instagram, hear me out!

Sending out a DM is pretty much like sending an email. You probably won’t write an email to David Cameron and say “Can you read this script I am writing and make a movie on it?”

Right? I wish!

I am no James Cameron, and I still get a minimum of 2 DM’s once a week that sounds somewhat like this, “Can you look at my Instagram?” “Can you send me a few pics you have used?” “Can you give me a shout out?”

Can you see the problem with it?

It sounds entitled. It’s rude, and it is totally unacceptable.

DM’s like these are usually ignored and often the sender is blocked.

Most of the times, all influencers big or small are very generous when interacting with their followers, and they encourage their followers to DM them.

And, If you start to poke around, you will find many examples where successful collaborations began with DM’s.

But, you have to understand, these are human beings you are reaching out to who are very successful in their own niche, and that deserves respect, to the least.

So then what do you do and how do you reach out?

Well, first always keep this rule of thumb in mind when sending a DM and since I am a bit nerdy and I freakin’ love flow charts (who doesn’t?), let me give you this ultimate DM flowchart that will tell you exactly when to send a DM.

Awesome right? Now that we are on the same page on when to send a DM to your favorite brand or influencer on Instagram, let’s get to the how part!

I am going to give you 4 word to word scripts that you can use to reach your favorite Instagram influencer/brand, without sounding like a ball of slime.

Want them? Click here!

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