5 Reasons to use Quotes in your Instagram Content Strategy

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5 Reasons to use Quotes in your Instagram Content Strategy


Isn’t that the truth?

Has this ever happened to you? You know you have to post on Instagram, LIKE THIS MINUTE! You even manage to convince your husband, your kids or the stranger on the street to take a great picture. Then you sit down to write the caption and……..NOTHING!! You scroll on Insta, looking at your favorite accounts for inspiration but even after 45 mins, you ain’t got nothing.


You do manage to write something, but you are not sure if it will connect with your audience. If it will compel them to respond.

What If I told you there is one type of content strategy that if used correctly, can be a sure hit with your audience! What am I talking about?

QUOTES!! I freakin’ love Quotes! Some collect coins, some collect stamps, I collect Quotes. And if you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I even love sharing them.

Why? Coz they work! Like a charm! Every time!

Your goal on Social Media is to be….well… social. Your audience is there on Social media to get information, be inspired and get entertained. These snippets of informational, inspirational and often motivational words otherwise called Quotes, give them just that.

Today, I am sharing 5 reasons why using Quotes in your Social Media Content Strategy can be very effective.

1) Quotes are bite-sized content and thus easily consumed – Let me tell you about this mind-blowing research that was done not so long ago. According to this article by TIME , our attention span has now reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Yup! You read that correctly. That is one second less than a Goldfish, by the way!

So if you have read until here, you should totally give yourself a pat on the back! But I share this vital information with you, not to make you feel any inferior but to tell you, that my dear business owner, you have 8 seconds to convince your audience to either stop and engage with your content or yawn and scroll away!

8 seconds!

Now I don’t know about you, but it definitely takes me less than 8 seconds to read a Quote than watch a video or read a post that is longer than this Blog!

Enters: Quote posts.

Quotes are brief, takes very less commitment from an audience and if Goldfish could read, even they would enjoy a good ol’ fishy quote.


2) Quotes trigger an emotional response – Getting engagement on Instagram is vital! Engagement is defined as the comments and likes you get on your posts.

People are naturally attracted towards Quotes because it arouses an emotional response thus compelling them to act. That act could be to comment on your post, click on the youtube link on your Social Media or even buy from you.

Quotes have been used for centuries. In wars, in literature, in speeches. They work so well because they allow people to feel something. Remember the last time when you read a quote that triggered an emotion in you. Were you inspired, motivated or just plain entertained?

A great example of an inspirational quote is by Dr. Martin Luther King. You know which one.

It has been used time and again, in schools, in self-help books, in business magazines and definitely on Social Media. You cannot read it or listen to it without having an emotional response.

But Quotes are not just limited to being Inspirational. People love humorous quotes as well. Letterfolk does a great job at sharing Humorous Quotes and they are crushing it on Insta.


Their audience loves their posts, and you can see from the picture that their engagement is over the roof.


3) Quotes can reflect your Brand Personality – The kind of Quotes you share on your Social Media can tell people a lot about your Brand, thus attracting your ideal audience, the ones who are interested in what you post and what you sell and repel the ones who will never buy from you.

Again, letterfolk does precisely that when they share light, humorous Quotes. Through their content, they tell people that they are a fun brand with a great sense of humor and they attract like-minded people who love them and buy from them.

Another business that shows their brand personality through Quotes is our boy, Gary Vee. With quotes like the one below, he continues to inspire and motivate his followers and sends a message that is consistent with everything that he does on Social Media and his overall brand.



CAUTION: Whatever you do on Social Media reflects who you are and what you stand for. Remember this when you share quotes. You want it to reflect you and not someone else’s business.


4) You can really make a difference – We are all in business for a reason. Making profits is a huge part of it, but we have a bigger responsibility. Knowing that Quotes can be compelling and persuasive, imagine the impact you can have on people. If by sharing a Quote you can inspire someone to take action and change his life, or bring a smile on someone’s face, I think that shows a lot about the kind of business you are creating.


5) One word – EASY!! – If none of the reasons above convinces you to make a Quote your next post on Instagram, this definitely should. Quotes are super easy to create. You don’t need design skills or copywriting skills to make a Quote post. With some simple-to-use apps like Word swag, Pic Phonto, Adobe Spark or Hype Type, you can create an attention-grabbing Quote Post in minutes.

To tell you the truth, I love easy, and if you do too then, I have the perfect gift for you. If you want to share posts that your audience will enjoy and engage with without you spending any time in creating them, then this FREE template is just the thing you need.

I created a 40 Quotes for 40 Weeks template for busy business owners just like you.

What’s in it?

40 ready-to copy and paste Quotes that are guaranteed to increase your engagement.

You can use them, for any niche and any Social Media platform (not just Instagram). Sweet right?

But wait, there’s more! 35 of these carefully researched Quotes have been converted into beautiful, eye-catching graphics that are sized for Instagram. All you have to do is download and share. That’s it!

Go ahead, download this FREE template and Quote away!

Oh and I also share with you my top tips on how to use Quotes to drive more engagement and put your brand front and center.

Remember that your primary goal on Social Media should be to develop connections and foster relationships. Using Quotes as one layer of your Content Strategy on Social media can be very useful and persuasive. People are drawn to meaningful and helpful content that they can relate to. Not only do quotes have all the attributes of a great content piece, it really helps you to show your brand personality, your values and what you believe in, thus making you a Human through a phone app. And People do business with Humans!

Now over to you!

Do you use Quotes on your Social Media? Do you think quotes can be effective for your brand?

Let me know in the comments below:


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