I was accused of cheating on my language paper in high school and what you can learn from it

I was accused of cheating on my language paper in high school and what you can learn from it

Has writing captions for your Social given you a brain freeze? Does it happen that you craft a perfect post and the only people who like or comment on it are your friends or peers and not your IDEAL customer?

Today, I am going to give you 3 tips on writing captivating posts that gets you an engaged audience but first let me tell you a story.

When I was in Grade 10, I was summoned to the staff room by my English teacher. She was correcting our mid-year papers and found something suspicious in an essay I had written on mine. She was one of those strict teachers with a deep voice who did not hesitate to test her vocal chords right in your face. I was trembling with fear as I entered the staff room. It was the lunch period and the room was full of every teacher I knew. I was a straight-A student, a school captain and a part of my school’s track and field team, but I was no angel! After all, I was a teenager with raging hormones but I did have a reputation to save. I entered the room with all sorts of scary scenarios.

When I approached her desk, my heart was pounding out of my chest. She had her glasses on and was writing something with a red ink pen. She took off her glasses, looked at me and picked my essay from the desk.
“Did you write this?” She asked me sternly.
“Yes ma’am”, I was probably shaking with fear by now.
“Did you cheat?” Her voice raised.
“No Ma’am”, I was a little puzzled.
“Are you lying to me, Deepshikha? Where did you cheat from?”
“I did not cheat ma’am. I wrote it myself.”
She gave me one hard look and then asked me to go back to my class. I got an A on the essay and it was entered into a writing competition which I won!

I wasn’t lying to my teacher when I said I didn’t cheat, at least not 100%. You see, the test was on a Monday and I had gone to see a movie with my friends a day before. It was a Bollywood movie starring my favorite actor and the thing about Bollywood movies is, it’s big on music, dance and IMPACTFUL DIALOGUES. So when we were asked to write an essay on my paper, the only thing I could remember was this major dialogue on integrity and speaking the truth. So technically I didn’t cheat, I was inspired!

This brings me to TIP #1: TELL YOUR STORIES! If you are still reading, that means I was able to catch your attention. Your audience wants to know you and not the product you sell. Do not write about anything that they can already find on Google. What can they not find on Google? Your stories, your experiences and your journey.

TIP #2: DO NOT COPY, GET INSPIRED! When it comes to writing copy for your social media, your emails or even your website, absolutely look at what others are doing! If you are a life coach, just don’t go to another life coach’s Instagram and copy their captions!! That is called PLAGIARISM and it is not cool! Instead, go to a photographer’s account and look at how he writes to attract his audience. Can you find inspiration there? I didn’t write a screenplay using the idea from that movie. instead, I found the dialogue so inspirational that I turned it into my own words! Some of my favorite people who write beautiful, captivating captions are James Altucher, Derek Halpern, Laura Belgray among others.

TIP #3: CALL TO ACTION! What is the purpose of your social media post? You may have been successful in keeping your audience reading till the last period but then what? If your goal on social media is to build a brand presence then adding a CTA is a must! Without it, your captions are one-sided and we want people to engage in your content. Asking them to do something at the end of the post is inviting them in your virtual store! Leave me a comment, subscribe for my newsletter, click on this link get your free E-book. These are some examples of CTA you can use. Be creative and think about what kind of questions would tempt your audience to press that comment button.

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