Build Your Brand. Create Your Tribe. Grow Your Business.

We both know you’re amaze-balls inspiring! You are a creative entrepreneur, and look what you’ve done?

You created a business from nothing. You’ve got a logo, a website and you were even featured on that podcast last month! Your clients cannot stop singing your praise. They love working with you…BUT…

You want more.

You want a steady stream of income without having to scramble for the next sale.

You want to build a community of engaged fans who become your lifelong customers.

You don’t want just a business, you want to BUILD A BRAND.

But that’s not happening yet, is it?

You are not growing fast enough. You are running like a headless chicken from one marketing tactic to another, offering last minute discounts and saying yes to “nightmare clients”. In other words, you are in “Marketing Hell!”

You cannot give up now, you’ve invested way too much time and money. Your family and friends are looking up to you to make this business into something great. You have to make this work,  but how?

Time to create “Instagram Magic” and get your name out there.

Let’s hook you up with a steady stream of clients and bring you back to Marketing Heaven!

0 million
Instagram Business Profiles Worldwide
0 billion
Monthly Active Instagram Users Worldwide
People say they discover new products on Instagram
0 million
Users visit at least one business profile a day

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme , neither is this “gain your 10k followers a week” kinda business. You also won’t get a generic lesson plan or videos to watch from some guru. That will just make you look like every other person out there who took the same Instagram course. But you aren’t them. You are unique, and your business is unique.

This is about creating concrete strategies tailored to your unique business with measurable but creative ways to attract your ideal customer and grow your business.

Even if you…

tried everything on Instagram already and nothing worked for you.

hate the idea of “marketing yourself”, and you think someday you will make enough money and pay someone to do it.

think you don’t need it. Can’t my business grow organically through word-of-mouth? (Hint: No it can’t. Word of mouth will get you one more sale but won’t help you scale!).

think you don’t have the time.

…you have bought every course on Instagram, read every blog, listened to every master class out there, and you still aren’t sure what you should really be doing.

I’ll tell you what, pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and START HERE.


Let’s build your brand together. No fluff. No BS. Strategies that sizzle your online brand presence, grows your business and build a raving fan following. Let’s get you started.

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Hey there! My heart is bursting with a million tiny emojis that you are here! I am Deepshikha, an Instagram Marketing Strategist passionate about building brands that people fall in love with. Wanna know more? Click below

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My following grew by over 200+ followers and my sales have increased by 50%. Deepshikha’s approach works. She understands Instagram and is able to formulate a plan that is geared to your specific needs and grows as you grow. I highly recommend Deepshikha to anyone looking to grow their business on social media.

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Karla Salinari, OurFlipSideLife
Happy client of Socialique Groupe's

Deepshikha has a unique ability to create an authentic message that reflects the true values of a business, and she is exceptional in her ability to attract people. Deepshikha instilled trust and offered expert insight into my program Facebook group, driving high levels of engagement and program results. She tripled my Instagram following and created a beautiful, engaging platform for current and new followers.

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Nagina Abdullah, Health Coach & Founder, MasalaBody.com

I was very impressed with Deepshikha’s knowledge of Instagram and social media. I wanted to work together so that she helps me improve my business through those avenues. I am very happy with my decision! We have been seeing an increase in views and engagement on the IG page, and more engaging content on both IG and FB. Our following has increased too and we are getting more orders from customers who found us on Instagram. Deepshikha is very responsible, reliable, and clearly understands my goals. I highly recommend her!

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