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Welcome to Socialique Groupe!

Delighted to have you here! Let me guess, you are a time-starved entrepreneur who knows that building a brand on social media is so much more important than a mere following count! You know that having a strong social media strategy is what will get you enormous gains in the long term. But you have tried and you have failed. You have put in countless hours into trying to market your products and services on social media with little or no success. Here’s why:

You find social media overwhelming. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest….there are just too many platforms. How do you know which one gives you the best ROI on your time?

Social media is ever changing. As soon as you become slightly comfortable with one platform, they change everything about it and leave you frustrated. Do you have extra few hours trying to learn all the new things? Again!!

In business, strategy plays a highly important role! You have a strategy for sales, for marketing and for growth but yet you put your business in front of millions of people on social media without a REAL social media strategy.

Don’t worry, I get it. It is HARD for small businesses like yours to spend time on social media with so many competing priorities. I got your back, but first, may I present you with some facts (figures as of last quarter of 2017)?

0 billion
Active Facebook Users
0 million
Active Instagram Users
0 million
Active Twitter Users
0 million
Active Pinterest Users

Do you think your target market is hanging out there, waiting to be wooed with your shiny products and services? That would be a resounding YES!!

That’s where I show up, my dear! Socialique Groupe helps small businesses breathe new life into their online brand presence. I understand that your business is unique. Your brand story is different. I inject laser-focused strategy into your social media campaigns and tell your unique brand story that turns your ideal audience into fans!

No fake followers. No bots. Just an organic following of people who fall in love with your brand.

By partnering with Socialique Groupe, I bring you less overwhelm and more joy so that you can create a new product, scale your business or take a vacation without worrying about what to post next on your social!

If you are passionate about taking your brand to a whole new level and develop real connections with your tribe, then let’s connect to talk more about your business.


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Let’s build your brand together. No fluff. No BS. Strategies that sizzle your online brand presence and build a raving fan following. Let’s get you started.

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Hey there! My heart is bursting with a million tiny emojis that you are here! I am Deepshikha, a Social Media Expert passionate about building brands that people fall in love with. Go to my About page to know more.

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Happy client of Socialique Groupe's

Deepshikha has a unique ability to create an authentic message that reflects the true values of a business, and she is exceptional in her ability to attract people. Deepshikha instilled trust and offered expert insight into my program Facebook group, driving high levels of engagement and program results. She tripled my Instagram following and created a beautiful, engaging platform for current and new followers.

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Nagina Abdullah, Health Coach & Founder,

I was very impressed with Deepshikha’s knowledge of Instagram and social media. I wanted to work together so that she helps me improve my business through those avenues. I am very happy with my decision! We have been seeing an increase in views and engagement on the IG page, and more engaging content on both IG and FB. Our following has increased too and we are getting more orders from customers who found us on Instagram. Deepshikha is very responsible, reliable, and clearly understands my goals. I highly recommend her!

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